domingo, abril 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Harrison

Dear Mr. George Harrison: Back en 1971, seven years before I was born, you organized a concert in the benefit of the poor country of Bangladesh. Now, 40 years later, I really want to thank you for this example of love and passion. It takes away the pain and the sadness. It brings love and joy to every person who is ready to receive it. It was a beutifull way to show the power of music and good will. I think, that if God really exist, He is happy to have you by his side, because it means that, maybe, He didn´t make a mistake. And, if there´s no God, your life and music, means that Love is the way. Thank you, Mr. Harrison, thank you and all your friends who follow you in this wonderfull concert, guided by love for manhood. I love you, George Harrison, you are my favourite beatle.